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Warm layers for snow? Check.

Granola bars? Check. 

Cocoa mix? Check

A big gay heart ready for love? Check.

Bea -- a city girl who loves snow -- goes on a vacation to a snowy mountain to hike the trails and soak in the serene late winter landscape. She meets Camellia -- a regal woman with an air of mystery -- when she wanders off the trail. 

What could go wrong? 


  • 1 Cocoa Enthusiast
  • 1 Cold Lady
  • 1 Winter Romance 
  • 2 Gay Hearts
  • Lots of Snow

Developed for WinterJam2020 hosted by Katy133



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YearningForSpring-1.2-pc.zip 195 MB
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YearningForSpring-1.2-web.zip 167 MB


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A very beautiful game and a lovely experience. I ended up loving the characters and by the end, I felt the emotions of the journey they had gone through. The art looks beautiful, creating the great outdoors in the season of winter, and the writing pulled me in, wanting me to find out what happened next. Amazing work. <3


Thank you so much, Katy!

Really refreshing art style!  There are some reeeally good images in the writing ("her voice was like icecubes clinking in a glass"), and the description of the solo hike was very relatable. 

I shared some of Punishedhag's story-related critiques, but personally I really liked the ending!  I'll be excited to see what you all come up with next~

Thanks for posting about this in the discord -- very glad I played it!  :3

Really well-made game! The art was very nice and vibrant and the music was really powerful. The UI was good, however I think while having the boxes' pattern? change for the character was a good idea, having Bea's one be bright and orange/yellow makes it a bit jarring when it flickers back and forth- i would have made the box the same colour but given it like, an orange tint to it so it's less on-off.

The writing was good and emotive though sometimes I feel like the game was using present-tense when past-tense would have fit better, this is just my personal opinion as a writer tho. It's not a big deal.

I'm a bit of two minds on the story, I'll use Rot13 as a cipher to avoid spoiling it for people who haven't played the game yet: 

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Of course, your writing style is your own and your decisions on when a story ends and how it ends are yours, and for my issues I still think it was very effective. You should be proud! Great work, it's a shame you missed out on the Yuri Jam time period for the advertising boost because I feel like this definitely would have gone over really well.

(1 edit) (+1)

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Your support and words are greatly appreciated. Thank you for your critique as well. 

 I'M NOT READY. grinning so much <3